Merchant Contracts

Merchant Contracts

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We are pleased to introduce our esteemed clients to our specialized services in the field of commercial and contract law. We focus particularly on national and international trade contract practices, including the application of the Rome I Regulation. We have a broad experience in drafting and negotiating contracts in Italian, German, and English, using a two-column synoptic drafting format.

I. The benefits of legal advice in the area of national and international trade contracts:

Compliance with standards: We handle the complexity of national and international regulations, ensuring that your contracts comply with the applicable laws in the involved countries.

Minimization of legal risks: Every aspect of the contract is carefully analyzed to identify and mitigate potential legal risks, thereby protecting the interests of our clients.

Linguistic adaptability: Our ability to draft contracts in Italian, German, and English facilitates clear and precise communication between the contracting parties, minimizing the possibility of misunderstandings.

Effective negotiations: Due to our extensive experience, we can conduct effective negotiations, always striving to achieve favorable contract terms for our clients.

Synoptic drafting: Our practice of creating contracts in a two-column synoptic format provides a clear and comparative representation of the different language versions, further facilitating the interpretation process.

II. Services offered:

Pre-evaluation: We assess the specific needs of the client and provide an initial assessment of the contract requirements.

Contract drafting: We create customized contracts that meet the specific requirements of the client while ensuring the highest clarity and transparency.

Contract negotiations: Our lawyers are experienced in conducting effective negotiations to secure advantageous contract terms for our clients.

Synoptic drafts as per client’s preferences: We offer the option to create contracts in a synoptic drafting format according to the preferences of our clients, ensuring the best possible fulfillment of their specific requirements.

Closing Remarks:

With our expertise and dedication to the interests of our clients, we are ready to assist you in all matters related to commercial and contract law. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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